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Talk with the Travel Guru


This tete a tete is about the talk with the travel guru who is in Nepal.

Myra: Hey Sam! How are You? Travel Guru: I am good. thank you.

Myra: So where are you now?

Travel Guru: I am in Kathmandu, Nepal right now. I am hiking the famous Everest Base Camp Trek.

Myra: Oh, How wonderful! So how is it going?

Travel Guru: It is going wonderful and fantastic. I have clicked some amazing shots of the majestic mountain range.  Here people are very cool, courteous, and welcoming. The scenery is awesome and breathtaking. I could not have asked for more. This is one of the best trips ever of mine.\


Myra: Once you are back, I hope we will be catching up more about your amazing trip, .

Travel Guru: Yes Sure! Why not. I would love to detail you about this place, scenic beauty, and unforgettable moments.