Bombardment on Gaza
International, International Event

The Madness of Blood Thirsty Dictator.

By-Zeya Qamar

According to the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the attack by Hamas on Israel on 7th Oct,23 was not a spontaneous one. It was the result of the continuous oppression by Israel of Palestinians over the last 75 years, in which more than 1.5 lakh Palestinian people were killed and their land was grabbed by Israel regularly in every attack and settled Jews in the occupied territory. The Madness of Blood Thirsty Dictator, the New Hitler of the Terrorist State, Israel as called by many demanded the resignation of the UN Secretary-General due to the criticism of Israel. Such is the rogue attitude that if anyone criticizes the brutality then Israel will take action against them. This is in the local language called Dadagiri!!

Gaza Strip is known as the largest open jail in the world due to the huge density of the people living in almost water-tight spaces where they are not having any sovereign rights as a part of Palestinian territory. Palestine comprises two parts (the West Bank and Gaza Strip). They are largely dependent upon Israel because Israel never considered Palestine as an Independent state so that Palestinians could have their own infrastructure. Due to the continuous brutal attack on Palestinians and the occupation of their land, the territory of Gaza continued to be a small area in both diameter and radius. I will put the details about the history of the Israel and Palestine conflict in my next blog on how Palestinians have been persecuted by Israel due to Western support since 1948 to till date.

The green part was Palestinian territory, and now see the changes.

It seems that Israel has taken revenge for their own Holocaust done by Adolf Hitler due to the Madness of Blood Thirsty Dictators with the genocide, Nakba (ethnic cleansing), and massacre by bombing innocent Palestinian children, women, and elderly people in every location its residential areas, hospitals, churches, mosques, schools, and shelters made by UNHRC. Gaza has now become a graveyard for the Palestinians. Never in any war so many children and women were targeted deliberately. What Hamas did on 7th October is being condemned and the blame of the massacre of 1400 Israelis on Hamas is now a debatable one because IDF too had fired on their people which is now unearthing slowly.

War is always fought with the army, but if any rogue nation attacks civilians, it’s called terrorism. For your own cause, fight with the army, fight with the government, not with the people who are running from here and there to save their lives and you bomb continuously on them even if they take shelter at a United Nations designated place which is considered as a safe place. The Madness of Blood Thirsty Dictator has put the entire world to a possible stage of the Third World War.  However, it seems unlikely because nobody wanted to have the repercussions of the world war on humanity which the world witnessed after the American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There is always a rule of War. The rule of War is not to harm civilians, not to bomb hospitals, schools, UN shelters, religious places, and ambulances, and to give safe passages to injured people. Allow the humanitarian aid to survive the civilians, but Israeli forces have curbed all necessities for the Palestinian people only to die a slow death.

All hell broke loose by this rogue nation, Israel by targeting the largest hospital, Al Shifa under the pretext of the Hamas underground tunnel about which they did not provide any evidence to the International media to prove their propagandist claim. Rather, they mercilessly killed the injured people inside the hospitals, bombarded the generators, cut the fuel supply, and even fired at those people who tried to move out of the hospitals.

The so-called watchdog of the world, the USA whose unwavering support to Israel only fueled the fire under the garb of self-defense. Every nation has the right to protect its nation but not at the cost of the massacre and ethnic cleansing of the civilians, especially targeting the children. The Madness of  Blood Thirsty Dictator, Benjamin Netanyahu  whose countless war crimes are being witnessed by the entire world who enjoys shameless Western Official Support. The terrorist country even didn’t spare the pregnant ladies, children who were barely 1 month old, and ambulances carrying the injured and helpless elderly women and men.

The arrogance, stubbornness, cruelty, and murderous attitude of the Blood Thirsty Dictator, Benjamin Netanyahu defying all odds of criticism surpassed all the protests from his own people inside Israel and across all platforms around the world.  It’s heartening to watch the huge protests in Berlin, the UK, the USA, France, Australia, and other countries in favor of Palestine who have the guts and spine to raise their voices against the atrocities and cruelty of Israel unlike in our nation where even a peaceful protest in favor of Palestine which is a long-time friend of ours will put you behind the bars.

India, which always supported a separate Palestine Nation is showing its support after initially condemning the act of Hamas as a terrorist attack and supported Israel as a right to self-defense.  But the cruel aggression of Israel which killed more than

20031 Palestinians

8000 children,

4100 women,

8000  Missing,

35,000+ injured and unaccounted figures of the Palestinians who are still under the rubble made to think the other allied nations of Israel including India that the plan of Israel is something else i.e. to wipe out the innocent Palestinians by bombing and murdering humanity.  Remember, India has still not marked Hamas as a terrorist group. They are freedom fighters who are fighting for their land occupied forcefully by Israel for the last 75 years.


The Dead Arab Silence and only condemnation failed to act swiftly against The Madness of Blood Thirsty Dictator, Benjamin Netanyahu has put all peace-loving people and liberal’s heads in shame and guilt that we can only imagine the sufferings of the Gazan People. The hypocrisy of the powerful nation and so-called Superpowers are silently supporting the aggression of Israel and despite the ceasefire resolution in UNO, this rogue nation, Israel is not ready to accept the ceasefire due to the support of the USA. The role of American President, Joe Biden in supporting Israel by providing Military Support on one side and another side, Biden told not to kill the civilians. What a double standard!! Biden, himself is facing a serious hostile protest in his own country. Karma will prove Biden in the next USA election.

Since October 7th, North Gaza has remained a harrowing landscape of continuous destruction, infinite bombings, i.e., more than 32 thousand tons of explosives which is more than 3 times of Atom Bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and use of 1000 plus banned Phosphorus Bomb. The white phosphorus bomb explodes devastatingly after coming into contact with Oxygen and it burns the entire body. Such is the deadly effect of this bomb. It’s only the Almighty who will do justice to the Palestinians and punish Israel in his own way for the barbarism, injustice, aggression, and cruelty.

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